•After leaving Prestolite Wire Corporation, where Jeff served as VP of Sales and Marketing in late 1992, several larger organizations tried to hire Jeff to serve as Executive VP, VP of Sales or VP and GM.  One company was a $1 billion global wire company.  Jeff was able to offer an independent turn-key organization, based in the Detroit area, that would better serve their objectives and allow them to exceed their goals A 4 person/dedicated team was put in place, which served as their automotive team.  Significant success, led to another contract to establish a turn-key N. American and all product effort at a Global Wire Distributor.  In addition, the Company and CMP eventually partnered in a small harness company, where CMP also provided 2 years of transition GM support for the JV.  Within 5 years, CMP was responsible for consulting on well over $100 million in sales.

•In 1995, CMP was retained to help with the transition of ownership in a small injection molding business ($1.8 million in sales).  Significant growth was needed to help with cash flow and plant utilization, in order to help with the proposed management buyout.  CMP gained performance stock options, helped drive the sales quickly to $10 million and placed a turn-key sales manager into the business for the initial 2 years.  The business sold a few years ago with 3 plants and over $35 million in sales.  At the time of sale, the key customer that CMP developed (Yazaki) remained their largest and most loyal customer.

•In 1996, a customer of CMP’s, which was a niche tier 1 in automotive harnesses, was faced with being squeezed out at Ford (their largest customer).  They asked CMP to set up a similar effort for them. The Ford situation was fixed via the establishment of a MBE business and flipping their core Ford business into the venture.  Over $100 million of other opportunities were lined up for the supplier/client at GM and within the truck market.

•When the above assignment ended, CMP sought out a MBE harness company to represent and bring into automotive.  This lead to the relationship with EDS Manufacturing, Inc.  EDS owners (Bob Milo and Luis Moreno), were interested in automotive and the relationship started in May, 1998.  EDS was operating at about $12 million of sales a year in the appliance space at that time, with Maytag accounting for about 2/3’s of their business base.

•Following our major client’s public offering in 2000 and eventual hostile take-over by a smaller data wire company, CMP (and investment group) gained the rights to acquire two wire plants (automotive, industrial, UL and welding cables).  CMP eventually steered these plants to a smaller/start up wire company.  CMP was retained as their turn key automotive team, along with a national effort with a couple major distributions (i.e. Anixter Corporation).  When our contract ended, the business had grown over 4 fold.

•Around 2005, CMP had the opportunity to acquire a majority stake in an internet based safety training business, with ties to the National Safety Council.  Two of CMP’s original staff/partners were assigned to this opportunity.  After turning around this business, the two operating partners offered to buy CMP’s majority stake in 2008 and the business continues to operate and flourish.

•In recent years, CMP has been focusing primarily on the significant upside opportunities with EDS.